Think For The Future! Adopt ADog And Save Your Environment

poster-p-adopt-a-dog-to-save-your-environmentAdopting a shelter animal is one of the kindest acts a human can commit, both for the animal in the shelter and for the environment at large. Everyone can understand the impact on the animal, but how does it help the environment?

Over 4.5 million shelter animals are put to death every year in the United States alone. Every time a shelter animal is adopted not only is the life of the animal being changed for the better but that shelter spot opens up so another animal can have a chance at a better life.

Some of the smallest dog breeds, which are generally the cutest, can be found at a local shelter, because most of the dogs in a shelter tend to be mixed breeds. With a purebred dog a person is always going to know what the dog is going to look like, while the mixed breed dog is always a surprise. A lot of mixed dog breeds end up falling in the medium-sized category; here is a list of medium sized dog breeds.

Some purebred dogs have not been bred properly nor have too much inbreeding which can lead to medical issues and sometimes a really dumb dog. Mixed breeds by nature have different gene pools which allows for much lower instances of genetic disorders.

Another reason to adopt a dog rather than buy one is the convenience factor. There are several things that have usually been taken care of before a dog is put up for adoption such as spaying or neutering the dog. Having the dog spayed or neutered is another way of helping the environment since they won’t be able to create more animals to roam the streets. A dog that is in a shelter has been given a physical, had their claws clipped and a bath. In some cases they have even had a microchip implanted so you can find your beloved pooch if they get lose.

Once you have your adopted dog at home there are ways you can help the environment as well. First off, dogs are not children and do not need a toy box full of stuffed animals, just a couple of favorites will do very nicely. If you cannot stop yourself from buying more toys recycle the old ones and give them to a local animal shelter so some other dog can enjoy them. Use recyclable waste bags to pick up after your dog while out walking. Your neighbors will appreciate that you and your favorite canine are not leaving a mess behind.

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